Interior Design with you in mind.
Thirty years of experience have given me the ability to find unusual and unique one of a kind pieces. These journeys have run the gamut from finding outrageous bargains to the extravagant oriental rug that was once in the personal living quarters of the Regan White House.

There are many enjoyable aspects to the work I do. However, I find taking what may seem like a common or everyday item and repurposing it into a distinctive piece of furniture to be extremely gratifying. A few of my favorite examples are an antique wrought iron gate that is now a charming headboard or the beautiful 100 year old piece of wood that was fitted with a contemporary base and is now a stunning dining room table.

I consider my personal style to be relaxed elegance but I strive to be sensitive to my clients style as well. Whether you have a mature art collection or you are absolutely bare bones, I can help you turn your living space into something that totally reflects who you are and how you live.
Allied member of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
Past President of American Heritage Society
Former docent at the Milwaukee Art Museum
Current recording secretary of College Endowment Association